Jayla pearce, 

founder + president

Jayla is passionate about wellness, branding and inspiring others to pursue their own path, whatever that may be!

After a successful career in executive sales, she now leads the brand and business strategy for her collectives, while also speaking and hosting various events either publicly or corporately (including negotiation workshops), leading yoga, and also providing marketing and branding consulting.

Previous to starting Her Collectives, Jayla started her career at Medcan. She managed & grew C-Suite 500 corporate executive healthcare programs, working directly with executives from Fortune 500 companies to banks to massive retailers, across all sectors and industries. She accounted for $3 million in business, while continually exceeding sales and maintaining top sales at the company, increasing new revenue by at least 20% annually each year, bringing in at least a quarter million of new sales each year.

Subsequently, she worked at tech healthcare startup, League Inc., managing the health and wellness partnerships on the digital marketplace; leading engagement, marketing, communications and enhancements to the professionals experience; while coaching and leading a team of three to success and launching the U.S. Marketplace.

While working full-time at League, Jayla simultaneously received her 200 Yoga Teacher Training certification, while leading local workshops with a colleague from yoga teacher training, co-creating Crown + Bliss to run some fun events on the side.

From there she decided to leave the corporate world to run her own businesses to run her collectives, creating the brand when asked to speak for International Women’s Day at Spaces Co-Working in March, 2018,, while continuing marketing consulting and running her yoga business.