Jayla pearce, 

founder + president

Jayla is passionate about wellness, branding and inspiring others to pursue their own path, whatever that may be! She leads the brand and business strategy for her collectives, while also speaking and hosting various events either publicly or corporately.

Jayla is also a yoga instructor and does her own marketing and branding consulting.

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Michèle tait

copy content + media lead

Michele is our lead writer, spearheading our weekly her sunday rituals sent out weekly to our members (sign up here). 

Want to contribute to our blog? She’s your girl!

Michèle has worked in creative industries since graduating with a Master’s in French Literature and Language. Working in publishing and broadcast media, she’s fallen in love with the idea of seeing a simple concept become a finished product. Joining Her Collectives has allowed her to put her meticulous planning and copywriting skills as the Content and Media Lead for Her Collectives.

You can also find her sweating it out teaching a spin class or running, curled up on her couch with a good book, or doing literally anything outside.