her sunday ritual - support on fathers day

Helping others isn’t a chore; it is one of the greatest gifts there is.
— Liya Kebede

this weeks' ritual:

acknowledging support and giving support on fathers day.

SUPPORT \ sə-ˈpȯrt \ to keep (something) going; to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for.

Whether you celebrate Father’s Day or not, we want to acknowledge the men who have been there and supported us throughout our lives. Who has been a constant father figure in your life who has encouraged you to challenge yourself? To believe in you more than you did in yourself? Who has helped support you to be who you are?

We all have different relationships with our fathers. Some of us may not think of our father as their ‘dad.’ Others may no longer have fathers with them, or have never had one. Some of us may have strained relationships with them and others amazing relationships with them. Regardless of the connection you have with your dad, it’s important to recognize the positive impact your a male role model has had on you.

Raising a woman is no small feat. We are strong, we are fearless and most importantly, we are emotional. While the latter comes as second nature to us, we sometimes fail to recognize the difficulty the men in our lives face when it comes to not only relating to this us, but also being allowed to open up emotionally themselves. Modern society doesn’t encourage men to be vulnerable or emotionally present, which is a stark contrast of how us women are and are encouraged to be. We tend to have a greater support system, through our girlfriends, family, and more. But on the other end of the spectrum, men aren’t as welcomed to  to express their feelings and emotions enough. Which begs the question: “How can we, as women, change that stigma?”

This week, we encourage you to inspire the men in your lives who have inspired and support you. Whether it be your dad, step-dad, brother, uncle, family friend, partner, or friend to show them how much they mean to you and recognize the impact they’ve had on your life. Acknowledge the challenges they face themselves as men. Encourage them to open up emotionally.

Most importantly, thank them for helping you become the amazing woman you are.

your sunday ritual

appreciating support received and cultivating support for male father figures in your life:

Take the time to appreciate the support you have received from a male role model in your life and take the time to support them as well. Whoever  that maybe to you, think of someone who’s supported your growth throughout the years. Write down 3 things you admire about them and 3 ways in which they’ve supported who you have become. Take some time to read over what you have written, take a few moments to take a few deep breaths after reading them with your eyes closed. Then notice where you feel it in your body, sit with the feelings you have of love, appreciation, whatever comes up for you. Feel free to take these scribbles and reword in a letter/text/phone call to this individual.

Secondly,  reflect on challenges they’ve had to overcome that you may not have noticed before to the expectation to be “strong” and “a man.” How do you think that has felt for them? Perhaps this will develop some feelings of empathy and compassion. How can you express your support to allow them to allow themselves to feel secure, loved and ok to be vulnerable?

Do you have a more strained relationship with your father?

If you have  strained/conflicted relationships with your  father and any feelings of resentment or hurt, this is a perfect time to reflect and recognize those feelings. Do the second exercise above, of reflecting on the challenges he has had to go through or is expected as a male. Do you think he was able to share his feelings or vulnerabilities? By allowing ourselves to step into their shoes, we can develop a bit of compassion, making it easier to forgive and let go their past wrongdoings.. To appreciate they are just human. As difficult as it maybe to forgive wrongdoings of someone who has a big impact in our lives, when we do forgive, we release ourselves from the pain and allow ourselves to be happier.

Afterwards, if you want to further release and ritualize letting go of anything you are holding onto, you can take the paper you wrote these on, and physically turn them to ashes. That is, burn it! The ritual of actually burning the note will is a great way to symbolize letting go, making it more of a tangible release. Ensure you are doing it outside, in a safe container, light the paper and let the flame turn the note to ashes, within a fire safe jar or container.


your mantra: 

mantra of support for the week

"I let my happiness be visible to others. My happiness overflows from me. I can use my happiness to bring joy to others." - from gaia 

yours to ponder

"In what way can I show my support in this moment?" "How can I prop up someone today?"


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What are your rituals? How do you practice manifesting more support?  Any tips or practices for fathers day?

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in person ritual:

intention setting 


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