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“The present moment, if you think about it, is the only time there is. No matter what time it is, it is always now.”
— Marianne Williamson

this weeks' ritual:

PRESENCE \ ˈpre-zᵊn(t)s \ the fact or condition of being present.

According to a Harvard University study, adults spend about 50% of their time in the present moment. In other words, we are mentally checked out half the time. The other half? Most likely spent dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

Why does this matter? More and more research is showing the key to happiness is being present, even when its tasks you don’t like or dread. If you can be present in doing them, a sense of happiness will follow. Even increasing your presentness just a little bit can do wonders. Find a few moments whenever you can throughout your day (yes, moments!) to notices the sounds, smells, surroundings to help you quickly check in to the present moment.

This Canada Day long weekend, we want you to be checked in 110%  of the time. Being fully present in your weekend activities will not only make you more productive, it’ll make you happier. Give your friends and family the gift of your full attention to create lasting memories.  

your sunday ritual

Do a technology fast. Most of us spend a lot of time in front of our screens throughout the week, whether it be for work or pleasure. We know this weekend will be filled with making plans to go to the beach or coordinating rides to the cottage, but we challenge you to take half a day today of zero screen time at some point. Maybe Monday? Or can you skip half day of ‘documenting’ what you are doing and just do?. Spend it outside reading a book, hanging out with friends and family, going for a walk, swimming, or simply being. Embrace the feeling of being present by inhaling positivity and love and exhaling any negativity you may be holding.

If you want to keep your ritual going throughout the week, try doing an hour a day of no screen time. Or, alternatively, give yourself a timeframe of when you can use your phone or computer. Instead of reaching for it first thing in the morning, give yourself an hour to settle into your day, sans screen. Same goes for at night - give yourself a cut-off, say an hour before bed, so you can fully be present in winding down for bedtime.

your mantra: 

mantra of belonging for the week

"I choose to step fully into my here and now."

"I am grateful for this present moment and everything it offers me."

yours to ponder

What do you notice by being present? What can you learn from not only being physically present, but emotionally present? What are ways you can incorporate being present in your everyday life?

deeper dive


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share with us

We would love to hear from you. Do you have any experiences of practising being present? What are tips and tricks you use? How has it helped you mentally and emotionally? Share your thoughts and comments below, on our facebook community page, or on instagram.

You can share your thoughts comments below, on our facebook community page, or on instagram.

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