her sunday ritual - belonging

In order to feel you can fit in, you must belong in your own skin first.

this weeks' ritual:

In honour of Pride Month and the Toronto Pride Parade, we are celebrating all forms of L-O-V-E today.

BELONGING \ -ˈlȯŋ-iŋ \ close or intimate relationship; something that belongs.

In honour of Pride Month and the Toronto Pride Parade, we are celebrating all forms of L-O-V-E today.

In honour of Pride Month and the Toronto Pride Parade, we are celebrating all forms of L-O-V-E today. Whether it’s passionate or platonic, familial or friendship, universal or self, love is built on connection and affection, but most importantly, acceptance.  But acceptance of what? To start, we need to accept ourselves. We must love and accept our true selves first before we can reflect those feelings onto others. By releasing judgment and unhealthy expectations, we are able to foster a positive relationship with our own selves, thus opening our hearts to loving and accepting others.

Yet, love and acceptance are only half the dialogue. As the giving end of the exchange, those feelings are reflected onto the person or people receiving them. This thus creates a sense of belong from the receiver. But those feelings aren’t always easily felt. Whether it be at school or at work, in a circle of friends, or within families, we all want to be part of something, of a community or group that loves and accepts us for who we truly are, and not what others and our society  wants or expects us to be.

Which is why we take our hats off to the LGBTQ community for everything they have done to create such an inclusive and welcoming group of uniquely amazing individuals. We should all take a page out of their book and shamelessly be who we truly are, while encouraging others to do the same. Let’s love and accept each other’s uniqueness and be confident and strong in who we are.

Because, let’s be real, we’re all part of this crazy world. So why not tackle it together?


your sunday ritual

Have an honest conversation with someone.

This is a multi-level one, so bear with us. Let’s start by digging deep with a bit of self-reflection.  Think of a few things that make you uniquely you and bring you immense joy, focusing on aspects that you actively try hiding and avoid sharing. Secretly attracted to both men and women, yet feel the need to tell people it’s only one or the other? Naturally extroverted, yet act reserved because you don’t want to seem abrasive? Obsessed with karaoke but don’t quite have Beyoncé’s pipes? Ask yourself: why am I hiding this/these facet(s) of myself from others? It could be an insecurity, or it’s not considered “normal”. The common denominator here is fear. We as human beings are scared of expressing ourselves because we’re worried of being judged by others. Cue part 2 of the ritual.

Once these quirks or traits are established, share them with someone! Have a genuine and honest conversation with them, divulging things you’d normally be scared to express out loud or to others. Subsequently, open the dialogue for them to share a few things they’d normally be afraid to share too. Creating this safe, judgment-free exchange will show you that people are a lot less judgmental than you think and that, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what others think of you. You’re unique. You’re amazing. And there ain’t nobody like you and that’s frigging awesome.


your mantra: 

mantra of belonging for the week

“I love and accept myself and others, regardless of our similarities and/or differences”

“I am worthy of love and belonging, as is everyone around me”

yours to ponder

What can you learn from the lgbtq community? How can we make others feel more welcome and accepted? How can you show love and acceptance to someone who is “different” from you?

deeper dive

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What are your rituals? How do you practice manifesting more support?  Any tips or practices for fathers day?

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in person ritual:

intention setting 


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