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Take time to do what makes your soul happy
— unknown

this weeks' sunday ritual: self-care

SELF-CARE \ ˌself-ˈker \ care for oneself;  health care provided by oneself often without the consultation of a medical professional.

As strong advocates of practising self-care (I mean, it is the core of Her Sunday Ritual after all!), we’ve noticed that many people’s perception of self-care is more focused on what’s “trendy” - going to that new-age pilates class Instagram’s raving about, having an overpriced green juice, doing a Korean sheet face mask… you catch our drift. With International Self-Care Day coming up this Tuesday (July 24th), we want to dig a bit deeper on how we define self-care and why we think you should practise it every. single. day.

First thing’s first: what is self-care? There are many forms of self-care, all of which comprise of the act of doing something to be good to yourself. It’s essentially the foundation to being (or becoming) your absolute best self emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s not something you do only once or because it’s what’s trending at the moment. Self-care is a personal, ongoing journey. It continuously evolves based on your needs that month, day, hour, and/or minute.

We suffer from self-care guilt, especially as women, and that’s something we need to change
— jayla pearce, founder her collectives


If that’s going for a quick walk if you’re sitting at your desk all day, perfect. Seeing a therapist to support your mental health? Amazing. Taking 10 minutes to journal every morning? Even better. Self-care is about doing something that relaxes and soothes you, and simply makes you feel good.

Jayla, founder of Her Collectives, shares a recent #girlboss moment where she prioritized self-care in her busy schedule:

“I did an energy exchange from 7am to 9am and then worked straight through the day, barely eating, until 3:30PM. I then had to prep and teach yoga class at 6:30PM, and would not be getting home until 8:30PM. I was tired, but also felt like I couldn't take a break because I had so much to do. However, I decided to give myself permission to recharge and went to my park pool for an hour and journaled a bit. I felt so much better! We all suffer from self-care guilt, especially as women, and that’s something we need to change”.

Like Jayla, we want you to put your well-being first. Take a moment for yourself. Do something you love. And remember - self-care isn’t selfish.

your sunday ritual: #treatyoself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Use todays 1 hour sunday ritual time to do whatever YOU want that nourishes either your mind, your body, or your soul. 

Not sure exactly what that is? Take a few minutes to reflect on what makes you feel good. Is it self-pampering, or could you care less about that? Is it indulging in a good book, or giving yourself permission to sleep and rest on a rainy day like today? Determine what it is, and go for it!

If you want further inspo? Check out Michele's Sunday Ritual Below:


featured - michele's sunday ritual

Michèle Tait, our copy content and media lead, shares her weekly Sunday ritual, where she focuses on every facet of her well-being. It truly is ultimate #selfcaresunday goals.


“I start my ritual a couple hours before bed on Sunday evening, phone away and TV off. I like to begin with something that’ll help relax me physically - either by doing gentle yoga or soaking in an lavender-soaked epsom salt bath.  

I’ll include something that feels luxurious to me, like a moisturizing hair mask or a calming foot soak. I make sure to take these few minutes every week to pamper my body, something I tend to rush through or rarely do during the week.

Once I’ve relaxed and indulged my body, I focus on calming my mind and spirit. I find a comfortable place (usually on my bed or couch) and take a few deep breaths to clear my mind. I’ll focus on setting an intention for my week ahead and go through 3 things I’m grateful for and why. I try to keep this last part of my ritual consistent throughout the week to help center me at the end of the workday.  At this point, I am relaxed, moisturized and just about ready for some shut eye!”



    For more on intention setting, read Michèle’s post “why set intentions anyway?”


    your mantra

    “I make time to nourish my mind, body & soul”

    “I value myself. I value my mind, my emotions, my body, & my spirit.”


    yours to ponder - how can I make self care a daily habit?

    We’re so used to having social media tell us what self-care is and how to practice it, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish what it truly means for us as individual beings and how it can benefit us personally. Build your own self-care definition and incorporate it in your everyday life. Ask yourself: How do I define self-care? What habits can I create to ensure I’m practising self-care everyday?

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