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This is a 2- part ritual series on core values. See part 1 here.


This feature ritual is brought to you by Alex StePhen-Fullgraf Certified Life Coach. This week, we will be ‘finding’ our core values, and next, ‘applying’ our core values.

I coach because I believe that each person has unique gifts that they are longing to share with the world. Before I decided to become a Certified Life Coach, I worked in the financial services industry as well as the tech sector. In these roles, I came into contact with a wide variety of people and situations which allows me to insightfully coach on a broad range of issues.


Last week we worked though finding your core values. What are the values at your core? Do they make you feel strong, supported and ready to be your best? Do they support your work and life’s mission?

Now that you have your top core values, it’s time to create a value-by-value mini mission statements.

What is a mission statement and why is it important?

The Merriam webster dictionary defines it as; “Something that states the purpose or goal of a business or organization.”

Consider that every company has a plan and a mission statement, why not take that care with your own life Remember, our values are the compass that help us go in the right direction. The statement should show you how you want to live this value out.

Verne Harnish in his book Scaling Up likens the core values to the soul of the organization.

Do you run your own business? For more information on core values as they apply to business, please stay tuned for a special article that will be published shortly why and how to develop core values for your business. Sign up for email updates.

Furthermore, writing down a mission statement provides a clear direction for how you want to see that value uniquely expressed. The mission statement is really a big picture goal purposefully expressed.

Your Mission Statement Guides You to Achieve your Goals

By understanding your big picture goal, you will be able to better achieve your goals as well. In fact, research shows that if you write down your goal in detail it is 1.2x to 1.4x times more likely that you will accomplish your goal than someone who does not write it down.

What are some reasons people fail to accomplish their goals?

The goals may not have a deep sense of purpose behind them. It may just feel like something you “ should” do. Start to notice “should” in your vocabulary. If you find yourself saying this as yourself, “why” am I not doing this? What’s behind the “should?” By understanding our core values, we are more deeply connected to our goals and they are emotionally charged, which helps motivate us to accomplish them.

The best way to figure out if this goal resonates with you is to determine if it is is driven by your core values.

Which core value is behind this goal? Even a seemingly mundane goal like cleaning your apartment can be tied to a core value.

When looking at your goals, take a step back and ask yourself;

  • Is it driven by someone else’s expectations or your own?

  • Is this something you really want?

  • Can you make something that feels boring more meaningful?

For example, if one of your core value is peace, cleaning your apartment could provide you with the inner peace required to feel calm, centered and productive. By committing to this goal you are honouring your core value of peace.

Remember that a goal with a core value or values behind it is truly a goal made with purpose. A goal made with purpose is a goal that will be met.
— Alex

Take it one step further and ask yourself how will you feel when you accomplish it? Close your eyes and imagine that your goal has been met. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How does it feel?

Remember that a goal with a core value or values behind it is truly a goal made with purpose. A goal made with purpose is a goal that will be met.


Ready to get started? Let’s take the core value of ‘health,’ for example. You could say; “I commit to living a life that is healthy through exercise, healthy eating and healthy mental habits.”


Try creating your own mission statement for each of your 5 values you created last week (or create them here). The statement should feel powerful, exciting and provide you with direction. It should be something you can eventually remember and can even repeat to yourself as a mantra!

For more detailed guidance on how to create your mission statement, The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements.

Want some guidance with your mission statements? Feel free to email to Certified Life Coach Alex with preferred times for a 15 minute call to help you hash out the details of your mission statement.



One you have your mission statements, you can write them out keep them close to you.  Get creative and have some fun with how to remind yourself!

This could be on a beautiful vision board, or a card in your wallet or on a piece of paper attached to your bulletin board at home and or at work.

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Thanks, ALEX.




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