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sunday bath ritual - feature

Happy Sunday,

Today I am leading the green beauty diy sunday ritual (a special holiday gift making edition). The herbal oils we will be making are specifically recommended by lovely Alessandra, for their simplicity and health benefits, and will be hosted at her beautiful yoga studio and spa. For those who are not in toronto or could not make it, we have a lovely ritual brought to you at home to bring a bit of spa and herbal benefits to you today!

What I love is Alessandra has provided some ancient traditional ritual for a bath, and it can be done with simple ingredients in your kitchen cupboard. She also shares the benefits of what to throw into the bath water!

Thanks and enjoy!


alessandra’s sunday ritual

This feature ritual is brought to you by Alessandra, ayurvedic and holistic expert and owner of holistic spa, Laya Spa.


by Alessandra

Rituals can all be welcomed into our lives in simple ways to help nourish all of the energies of the body - physical, emotional and spiritual. They can be as simple as an affirmation that you say daily or a little act that reminds you of your intentions for the week.

my sunday bath ritual with fresh flowers

my sunday bath ritual with fresh flowers

My favorite is the bath ritual. This healing practice was brought to be by the Shipibo Shamans of the Amazon - used for healing people who were ill or struggling, they call it a limpia (spanish for ‘cleanse’).

The bath ritual I will share with you incorporates all of the elements in nature to create an environment that brings us closer to them;

  • Fire - candle

  • Water - the bath of course.

  • Earth - flowers

  • Air - smudge

As I practice this ritual I've come up with different components that help me to really vibe high and ground on a deep level.

If you do not have a bath, simply add the components that you can in a self-care shower.

Your Sunday Ritual: Bath Cleanse


What you need:

  • Flowers - can be dry or fresh (or other herbs, listed below as alternatives)

  • A crystal of your choice, one that brings a feeling of peace

  • A smuggle stick - palo santo, sage or whatever you love (even incense)

  • Salt - Epsom or Dead Sea Salt

  • A white candle

  • A small bowl

  • An essential oil of your choice


  • Fill the tub and add 2 cups of salt

  • Add the flowers (or other herbs) directly, or, you can boil them to decoct the essence and supportive vitamins. Then, allow them to rest for 15 mins before adding to your bath water.

  • Arrange the crystal’s around the bathtub

  • Add the essential oil

  • Light the candle

First, smudge the space, I like to say a mantra or an intention. Start with your intention first, either say it out loud or think about it as you are smudging your space.

Get into the bath and bring your bowl. Pour the water over your head and as you do, invite the energy of healing in. Thank the plants around you and the medicine.

I like to recite and affirmation while I do this, Louise Hay has beautiful ones that are intended for healing.

Other Items to Add to Your Bath

Citrus Fruits:

  • Full of vitamin c and also helps to gently exfoliate Dead Skin cells since they contain citric acid, which means anti-aging for the whole body!

Winter Spices:

  • Clove, cardamom and cinnamon are amazing, especially this time of year with warming and cozy.

  • In ayurveda, These also calm the Vata energy, which helps to ground the energy and slow you down; perfect for sunday!

  • For best results, take one handful of clove/cardamom/couple of cinnamon stick into a few cups of water, bring to a boil and then let it sit for 15 mins before you your bath water.

Other Spices:

  • Basil leaves - anti-inflammatory

  • Thyme - anti-inflammatory and also helps bring on the period

  • Ginger - warming, reduces muscle spasms

  • Olive oil or coconut oil - for extra skin love

  • Cacao powder or nibs - antioxidant, high in magnesium

All of these parts create an environment that brings us closer to all of the elements in nature.

By connecting to these elements we can use them to help ground and heal and also realign all of our layers!

Make this fun and enjoy!!

Happy Bathing,



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