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By the mere fact that we have air in our body, the universe says you have the right to prosperity and abundance
— Lisa Nichols
Abundance and scarcity are two sides of the same coin. The opposite of ‘never enough’ isn’t abundance or ‘more...the opposite of scarcity is enough
— Brene Brown

Your Sunday Ritual: Abundance Mindset

Oh, Abundance. Take a second to say this word to yourself right now. How does it make you feel? Is it something that seems to feel like a dirty word, an unattainable word, a indulgent word or aspirational? Do you think of accumulating possessions or think of a state of mind when you head abundance?

Abundance, for today's sunday ritual, is around  changing our mindset, and featuring a woman who overcame all odds when she changed her ‘mental zipcode’ from scarcity to abundance. Abundance comes when we accept we already have it, and know we deserve it.

Sounds tough? I agree. Do you think, “it’s nice to think abundantly and put that out there to the ‘universe’, but, common,  that won’t pay the bills, let’s get real.”

And yes, that is true that it won’t immediately and we need to still work hard, however, what really makes our lives rich? What does wealth mean beyond possessions? When we shift our mindset to one of abundance, we move away from a mindset of never having (or being) enough, away from a mindset of scarcity.

That’s why I loved hearing Lisa Nichols shift from scarcity to abundance and want to share her story and tips for todays Sunday Ritual. Lisa moved from a struggling single mom on public assistance with only $12 in her bank who became a millionaire entrepreneur. Lisa Nichols is now the world’s top requested motivational speakers whose platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people globally.

I heard Lisa Nichols being interviewed on Melissa Ambrossini’s podcast, and highly recommend it (just over an hour). Her breaking moment was when she didn’t have enough money to buy diapers for her child. It wasn’t that she wanted abundance. Her shift to making a change in her life came out of need. She was living in a scarcity mindset, and thought, “This life sucks, I deserve better. I need to move my mental zipcode out of this <scarcity> mindset.” I love this, ‘mental zipcode’. Of course, I’ll be calling it my mental postal code.

It wasn’t easy, as she was functionally dyslexic so worked hard to learn, re-reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People over and over again (and still does) until she understood it.

The key takeaway for me from what she has said is abundance is not just what possessions you have, or what you have in your bank account, it is a holistic mindset. Abundance includes focusing on your freedom of time, your abundant relationships and flexibility of choice in life.

Abundance has intrigued me, I think we all have our personal money hangups. I personally have been exploring the theme of abundance recently, as I try to launch my own business and live in my truth, aiming to do what I want and is authentic to me. Am I richer than I was before when I made more income but was not creating what I want? If I continue to ‘think’ abundantly, will everything work out? A question I am still trying to answer, as I write this outside on my balcony watching the sunset with my puppy by my side, with a glass of prosecco, instead of in a cubicle in the designated working hours. In this moment, yes, I do feel richer. TBD, though…

I recently experienced and understood how abundance can come to you in so many different forms, and may not be as explicit as it seems. Read my personal blog on a week of receiving abundance after asking for it here.

The first step to abundance is loving yourself, accepting yourself, knowing you are enough and have enough, and you are already abundant.

So, ready to start getting abundant today?


Your Sunday Ritual - Mirror Talk

Mirror work (15 minutes). To allow abundances to develop, we must feel whole and complete with ourselves first. To be enough. Right now. Todays ritual is based on 3 sentences that transformed Lisa’s life and got out her of depression. Doing this exercise helped turn her, as she says more from a, “crawl to a walk, a walk to a run, a run to a soar.”’ She did this exercise everyday for 6 months.

Let's just commit to doing this ritual for one day, today, shall we?

In front of a mirror, with door closed (and shower on if you need more privacy), speak these 3 sentences to yourself. Each statement, you will complete 7 times.

  • “I’m proud that you…”

    Lisa says we are so under-celebrated, always focusing fixing instead of celebrating. This is the first in shifting this. Could be small thing today, or something from decades ago. Complete the statement 7 times.


  • “<my name>, I forgive you for…”:

    This step is to start releasing of shame, blame guilt regret and anger that we carry around with us all the time. This will help remove the burden. She says, this may bring you to your knees. May be very profound and difficult at first. This is your step to release. Complete the statement 7 times.


  • “<my name>, I commit to you that…”

    We tend to commit to others before committing to ourselves. Put yourself first. Complete the statement 7 times.

If you want to hear how to do this in more detail, start the podcast 17 minutes into the podcast (Melissa also shares her experience of mirror talking). See podcast below.


deepen todays ritual:

I would highly recommend listening to this full podcast. (It is an 1hr and 11 mins) Add listening to this podcast today (or sometime this week) before doing the mirror work. Full podcast below:

deeper Dive - on Abundance:


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