Buying Eco-friendly on a budget - mention in mindbodygreen

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These days, it seems like everything has a “healthy, green, environmentally friendly” alternative—with an additional cost. But there’s no reason to hand over all of your money in the name of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are nine surprisingly simple and (relatively) affordable tips for creating more sustainable habits.
— Kylie Fitch, writer @ mindbodygreen


mindbodygreen is our wellness bible, our go-to for all things mind, body, spirit And green-living online. 

So, we are personally so grateful that Kylie Fitch, a writer for mindbodygreen, shared some of our tips and her sunday ritual in her latest article, "How I Buy Eco-Friendly, Organic Products Without Spending A Fortune.".

The article has some great new tips Ill use, like freezing wine for sauces, thank you Kylie!

This couldn't come at a better time, as eco-friendly and waste-free go hand-in-hand and we just published a featured story on going waste-free! Check out, "her story: a year to becoming waste-free."

(ps, I'll give you a teaser for her sunday ritual coming up this weekend may also relate to above ;). If you have not already signed up for weekly intention every sunday to rid the sunday scaries, sign up here).


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