inbox detox - her sunday ritual

You will be detoxing your inbox. To help eliminate our digital clutter.

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remembering our ancestors - a halloween ed.

Today we will be focusing on those who have come before us, and taking some time to honour them as a special Halloween/Samhain (Wiccan New Year) edition. Every end is a new beginning. What better time and way to honor this than by reflecting on those that came before us?

Many traditions celebrate a day to honour the dead, any many are around this time. In the coming weeks is a time that many traditions and cultures celebrate the dead. From  Halloween (Oct 31s), All Souls Day (Nov 1st), Samhain (Wiccan New Year, traditionally celtic); Dia de los Muertos (Mexican day of the dead on Nov 2nd); etc.; Pchum Ben (Cambodian celebration mid-sept and mid-Oct).

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brain dump - her sunday ritual

Have you ever done a brain dump? See how rewarding it is.

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gratitude - her sunday ritual
healing - her featured ritual
reflect - harvest edition - sunday ritual

A great time to reflect on what needs to be balanced in our lives, what needs to change with the changing seasons.

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enough - sunday ritual

Remind and reflect. I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.

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risk-taking: sunday ritual


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choose your own adventure - sunday ritual

How do you make it your sunday ritual unless you have bit of choice once in a while? So today we are letting you chose your own ritual!

Today’s is about listening to your gut on what ritual resonants the best with you. Perhaps you missed one (or a couple), perhaps you joined recently, perhaps you have one you loved and want to repeat. 

So, happy Sunday, and enjoy choosing your own adventure!

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intention setting - sunday ritual

Setting an intention gives us a framework to set priorities and align ourselves with the manifestation of the intention we set. It not only raises our emotional energy and awareness, it can also increase our physical energy (also known as action). Setting an intention for the day, week or month empowers us to achieve a positive and encouraging mind-state, which ultimately raises our levels of overall happiness.

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abundance sunday ritual

Oh, Abundance. Take a second to say this word to yourself right now. How does it make you feel? Is it something that seems to feel like a dirty word, an unattainable word, a indulgent word or aspirational? Do you think of accumulating possessions or think of a state of mind when you head abundance?

Abundance, for today's sunday ritual, is around  changing our mindset, and featuring a woman who overcame all odds when she changed her ‘mental zipcode’ from scarcity to abundance. Abundance comes when we accept we already have it, and know we deserve it.

Inspiration from Lisa Nichols.

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recharge - her sunday ritual

Ever had one of those days where you’re so busy plowing through your work that you forget to eat? Where you’re connected 24/7, to your emails, phone and computer you forget what it’s like to not stare at a screen? *Slowly raises hand*. Unsurprisingly, a lot of us are guilty of this. Yet, the benefits of taking a break to recharge are incredibly beneficial. Taking that time off, whether it’s 5 minutes, an hour or a week, is vital to our mental and physical health. On top of further developing personal effectiveness, it…

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The Ultimate Waste-Free Starter Guide - 9 Essentials To Get Started

9 Essentials To Start Your Zero-Waste Journey. Trying to go waste-free can be overwhelming. And if we’re being honest, it also seems like a huge commitment. This is the HOW-to after our WHY posts. We’ve rounded up a few essential (i.e reusable) items that’ll help you shift into that waste-free lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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self-care - her sunday ritual

As strong advocates of practising self-care (I mean, it is the core of Her Sunday Ritual after all!), we’ve noticed that many people’s perception of self-care is more focused on what’s “trendy” - going to that new-age pilates class Instagram’s raving about, having an overpriced green juice, doing a Korean sheet face mask… you catch our drift. With International Self-Care Day coming up this Tuesday (July 24th), we want to dig a bit deeper on how we define self-care and why we think you should practise it every. single. day.

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Her Story: Life is a Game of Inches

Our guest contributor and writer, Sarah Clayton shares her copy room revelations about taking control of her life and career….A lot of it comes down to making a conscious effort to put yourself in an environment where your ideal situation is at least possible.  Sometimes you need to go through a few iterations before the final plan comes into play, and the only way to actually figure it out is to start putting hypothesis to the test.

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waste-free - her sunday ritual

Everyone seems to be talking about reducing waste lately. (and we couldn’t be happier with the timing of this sunday ritual, as we are excited to have been featured in Mindbodygreen (our wellness bible) article about how to live green on a budget. Which, we feel closely aligns with waste-free.

Most recently, the impact of plastic straws on the environment has been at the forefront of the media. We’ve seen a few big headlines where cities and businesses are forgoing plastic, single-use items and leaning towards more ecologically friendly options. As of last week, the city of Seattle made headlines by banning plastic straws and utensils in bars and restaurants. Vancouver quickly followed suit, incorporating a straw ban as of fall 2019, making it the first major Canadian city to make this commitment. In addition, Starbucks recently announced their own initiative to ban plastic straws in all stores by 2020.

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Her Story: A year to becoming waste free

Her Story, guest contributor Amanda Javier shares how she committed to a year plan to go waste-free in 2018.

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Buying Eco-friendly on a budget - mention in mindbodygreen

her collectives was featured in an article on mindbodygreen article on how to live green without spending a fortune.

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courage - her sunday ritual

In honour of Pride Month and the Toronto Pride Parade, we are celebrating all forms of L-O-V-E today. Whether it’s passionate or platonic, familial or friendship, universal or self, love is built on connection and affection, but most importantly, acceptance.  But acceptance of what?

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